What exactly is Quora? It is a site where people can ask questions about a particular niche, topic, or subject. You can anticipate responses from knowledgeable individuals within a few days. It is the best platform for finding essential and informative content and has a larger user base. Users can either upvote the answer if they think it’s the best or downvote it if they don’t like the response. Quora is used by many businesses in marketing to share knowledge with customers. You can follow questions on various subjects and share and reshare answers in your own space here.   Why do you believe that Quora is the best platform for B2B and SAAS marketing? The best place to build your brand’s reputation for being knowledgeable and helpful in your field is Quora. It is primarily due to the fact that it focuses on questions. Therefore, if the people are asking questions, the response provided by your company might be what they are looking for. Quora is best for business-to-business marketing and software as a service (SaaS), but B2B research is a long and deliberate process. Before making a significant purchase, many customers are conducting research with the assistance of […] read more