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Factors for Choosing CNC Machining for Aluminum Housing Processing

CNC processing has the characteristics of high precision and reliability, which is especially suitable for the processing method with extremely high requirements for parts processing. At present, the demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts is increasing, and the research on the weldability of aluminum alloy is getting deeper and deeper, while aluminum alloy shell is the shell of various devices made of aluminum alloy bit material, mainly divided into aluminum profile shell and aluminum die-casting shell. The following is the analysis of the factors of the aluminum alloy shell processing method on more choice of CNC processing. 1. High strength of aluminum and aluminum alloy. After a certain degree of cold processing can strengthen the strength of the substrate, some trademarks of aluminum alloy can also be strengthened through heat treatment. 2. CNC processing method has the characteristics of high stability, and each aluminum profile processing method is different, choose CNC processing can avoid human processing deviation and lead to the emergence of defective products. 3. CNC machining of aluminum alloy shells can produce complex aluminum parts, and even also can produce production processing parts. You can also produce a variety of varieties, high production efficiency, saving labor costs, […] read more
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What are the Characteristics of Using Laser Marking Machine?

Nowadays, many industrial production areas, for the processing and manufacturing requirements of products are relatively strict, for many different mechanical equipment and products, need special signs to mark the relevant data of the product, in the traditional production of signs, due to low efficiency, has been unable to meet the actual use of the requirements, with the continuous improvement of technology, the current use of laser marking machine to complete this work. For the use of laser marking machine, mainly the use of laser beams, in different materials on the surface of the print mark, mainly through the evaporation of the surface material, so that the body from the material to show, according to the actual needs, print out different patterns and letters and numbers, so as to meet the actual use of the requirements, now the laser marking machine more types, involving the application of the field is also relatively wide The laser marking machine has a wide range of applications, including electrical industry, hardware products, cell phones and home appliances, jewelry and glasses, automotive parts and other different products. After the above understanding can be seen, the application field of laser marking machine is very broad, so it […] read more
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What is Plastic Deformation in Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Sheet metal processing plays an increasingly important role in our life. It is the process of processing metal sheets in various ways to change the shape and properties of the original sheet. Sheet metal processing can realize small batch processing of workpieces and simultaneous processing of different parts, and the processing speed is fast, which greatly improves the production down and reduces the production cost input. In the process of sheet metal processing, “plastic deformation” sometimes occurs. Plastic deformation in sheet metal processing is a common process. Deformation between grains is difficult because the grains are connected by interatomic attraction and mechanical interlocking forces between the grains. The sliding between grains is very slight and can easily cause structural fractures at grain boundaries, which can lead to fracture of the metal. The process of intergranular rotation is quite complex, due to the fact that individual grains in different directions in a polycrystal tend to rotate in a direction favorable to inside the crystals sliding and are mutually constrained. The phenomenon of grain rotation can be observed after stamping and forming of coarse grains of sheet metal, which is the so-called “orange peel” phenomenon of uneven surface of machined sheet metal […] read more
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What are the Requirement of the Design of the Sheet Metal Housing?

First of all, the shell of portable energy storage equipment is important to have the maintenance of the internal electronic components, in the shell design must do a good job on the ecological provisions of the equipment, energy storage power supply circuit to do the product in the waterproof, anti-fouling, seismic rating, cable sheathing, electric shock prevention and other aspects of safety performance requirements, to ensure that the equipment quality qualified, rugged and trustworthy. Secondly, the shell design of mobile energy storage equipment needs to be simple, both in line with the aesthetic concept of the public, but also with the characteristics of the product itself, focusing on raw materials, professionalism, hues and other key aspects of the design, the integration of corporate elements in the design of the program, the performance of corporate brand characteristics, making it more visually impactful and unusual. In addition, the portable energy storage power supply shell design also needs to take into account the customer operation process of human-computer interaction technology feeling, the design should be as humane as possible, the appearance should be as unique as possible, the operation control panel should be as simple and specific and visualized, the design of the […] read more
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What are the Surface Treatment Methods of Sheet Metal Shells?

The most common types of surface treatment for sheet metal shells are: brushing, sandblasting, painting, baking, powder coating, polishing, electroplating, anodizing, and silk-screening. Since the material surface of certain sheet metal enclosures does not have the ability to prevent rust and corrosion, effective surface treatment is necessary. Surface treatment of sheet metal parts can improve the life cycle of the product in harsh environments, in order to achieve a specific surface effect or function. Brushing is a back and forth mechanical relative movement and chemical corrosion of the metal surface of the sheet metal shell through abrasive materials to make the surface light of the workpiece to get a layer of macroscopic fingerprint surface with uniform coarse and fine distribution, the main role is to beautify the appearance. Generally are stainless steel, aluminum, copper plate and other metal plates, consider using the surface treatment of brushed. In addition brushing is also called rubbing grain, which can be divided into manual brushing and mechanical brushing. According to the effect of the grain after brushing of sheet metal shells, there are straight brushing, messy brushing, corrugation, rotary brushing, etc. Polishing is the finishing process of the workpiece surface by using flexible polishing […] read more
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