Is it too good to be true? You know many people eager to start their own home business and earning extra cash online without leaving their homes. But what is Extra Cash Each Month actually Paid Online Survey? And how to choose the right sites so we can avoid the paid survey scams?

In this first article, we try to answer the first question: What is it? Have you ever been asked for trying a new product such as soap, or food/ drink or something? Or participated in a survey where they gave you a gift or other compensation? Suppose the ratings surveys for a TV program?

If you have, actually a lot of those survey companies pay you for your opinion. Sometimes it’s not much – could be $5 or $10. Sometimes it’s a lot more than that especially for “focus groups” (a group of people who spend a day together to give their opinion) which you might get paid as much as $150 per hour.

There are facts that a lot of company do these surveys is always looking for people willing to give their opinions. Those companies spend billions of research budgets to learn what consumers’ need, why they buy some products and not others, and also grab end users’ opinion against launching of a product or services. They might have bit problem to find a group of people who are too busy with their jobs to take a day off to be in a focus group. By gathering all knowledge database from their market research enable companies to develop, advertise, and sell the products much better to the right market. So research plays an important role for big companies’ revenue. That is the idea of get paid survey online.

For example, you can make money from quick survey, like:

  • Fill online surveys: from $5 to $75 each, or more.
  • Join Focus Groups: up to $150 per hour
  • Try new products: $5 to $10 or more (also get free products).
  • Take telephone surveys: up to $120 per hour.
  • Preview new movie trailers: around $4 to $25 per hour.

Survey sites and its partners (companies, manufacturers, etc.) give us opportunities to express our fresh opinions, participate in online focus groups, try out new products, and finally be paid. This is how the online surveys system works.