The expression “Government of the people, by the people, and for the people,” is only accurate when every citizen takes part in the electoral process. In a true democracy, every citizen participates in making decisions that affect both the welfare of the nation and their own. The right to vote provides the people of the nation with the ability to exercise their right to vote and to decide collectively, with the support of the majority, who they believe is capable of holding the highest office in the land. The electorate and the electoral process have, however, not synced well at times. The electoral process is not taken seriously by many voters, and they do not comprehend the gravity of their right to vote.

One of the strongest foundations of participatory democracy is the obligation of each member to cast an informed ballot. Therefore, there needs to be a fundamental change in how voters think in order for them to understand the significance of both the voting process and the significance of each vote in deciding the future of the country.

With elections just around the bend, B.PAC has made the decision to help raise awareness of voting and the benefits of doing so. The Voter Awareness Initiative was created in response to the need to inform, create awareness and encourage people to participate in elections and vote. Workshops, speeches, parades, cyclothons and marches/jaatas were among the events held as part of this effort.