It is an undeniable fact that children love to play games and collect free spins for coin master It not only entertains them but eventually it helps them become mentally stronger, teaching them lots of things – more than they could learn in real life!


Studies have shown how playing games can benefit your kids & make them mindful & active. A survey from Scholastic found that encouraging kids to play games following the rules makes them more responsible, self-confident, & ambitious & makes them able to enjoy playing and get rewards for coin master game with others. It develops their critical thinking skills, planning skills, weighing outcomes skills, & teaches them adjusting their approach.


Sounds great, right? Yes, it does. It’ll work marvels but only when you choose the right games for your kids. To make it easy for you, we’ve collected the best strategy games for kids that your kids must play. These games are quite brilliant & kids-friendly in gameplay. Continue scrolling down to get to the list.


  1. Mario Party


Mario is said to be one of the favorite characters of kids when it comes to the game characters. The way Nintendo has designed the world of Mario is just awe-inspiring not only for kids but adults as well.


Though there are many famous games related to the world of Mario, this one has a completely addictive taste that will make your children play the game again & again. Mario Party brings all the Mario World characters together on different board maps to compete with each other. This is a multiplayer game & can be played by 4 players at a time. These 4 players have to compete with each other in multiple mini-games & collecting the number of stars to defeat Bowser, the villain & become a star.


  1. Sega Games


Sega is the name many 90’s kids would still remember. After all, many games that are now famous gaming franchises started their career from here. Sega is one of the best platforms that can provide you the best gaming experience for your kids.


Sega has a huge collection of 2D fun games of different categories including a strategy that can be accessed via their emulator. Their latest release Two Point Hospital can also be a great entertainer for your kids. It allows the player to open a hospital & manage every stuff related to run the hospital. It’s quite interesting & puts a player to test his leadership skills. Your kid can learn a lot with this.


  1. Starcraft


Starcraft is a proven effective game to enhance your brain skills of your kids. A study has shown that Starcraft increases the brain’s flexibility meaning that Starcraft can enhance the ability to allocate the brain’s resources in constantly changing circumstances.


Starcraft is a Sci-Fi real-time strategy game that revolves around the fight between aliens for dominance. Every alien species has different fighting techniques & units to register victory over others by using different tactics. The game progress by resource management to build & sustain units.


  1. XCom Enemy Unknown


This is another Sci-Fi turn-based strategy game that put players in charge to save the world from the attacks of uninvited guests, The Aliens. This is the turn-based game so the players will have to make their move very carefully. The fate of all human race comes into the hands of the player.


In order to defend the world from unknown enemies, a player has to create an operational base & perform research alien technologies & plan some combat missions to take out against aliens. A player can control soldiers in the game by controlling their movements. The game is available for Xbox & PC at the moment.


  1. Civilization V


Enhance your kids’ political skills by making them play Civilization V, one of the greatest strategy games of all time. It increases a sense of responsibility, diplomacy and leadership in the player. It is also a turn-based strategy game which helps to improve focus and management during different tasks. Studies show that more than fifty thousand people play civilization v in a month.

This game represents different nations, ethnic groups or in general term civilizations. Players act as leaders of the tribe and try to grow their social, economic, scientific and cultural status. The highest scoring nation in all these factors will be termed as a winner.


5.      Coin Master

One of the highest-grossing mobile games is coin master. It is a single –player game. The

objective of this game is to collect coins and make their own villages or attack surrounding villages. There is also an option of *revenge* in the game to counter attack your enemy.

Coin master induces the ability to form strategies and tactics in order to win. Players have to come up with different and creative ideas every time to complete more than 200 levels of the game. This game not only provides kids with fun and enjoyment but also with leadership and management abilities.


6.      Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all is one of the award winning games enhances users creative, logical and survival ability. Four players can play this game through split-screen.

In Minecraft, players face various 3D-generated interruptions and blocks to collect craft tools and build different also contains different modes to add more enjoyment in your experience. These mode include; survival, creative, hardcore, adventure and spectator.


7.      Fortnite

Fortnite is a game well known by everyone. It increases players focus and reflexes. This game also consists of three different modes. Every mode has a different strategy and adventure to entertain as well as shape users’ minds. These modes are

Fortnite: Save the world to play against zombies and protect the environment with your fellow four players.


Fortnite: Battle Royale in which 100 players are bound to the arena and kill each other until the last one.


Fortnite: Creative in this mode users make their own battle arenas, world, and forts.

out of all these fortnite battles, royale was a hit success.



Every child is a seed which will be a giant tree someday & bear fruits for others. It’s up to you how you grow your child. Games can miraculously enhance your child’s capabilities & teach him a lot of skills that would rather be difficult to adapt. These best strategy games for kids may work marvels for you. Hope your kids will love them!

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